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After years and years of stalking blogs and teacher websites, I officially decided to start my own blog.  Thank you for welcoming me in to the blogging community, and I can't wait to share the teaching magic in my classroom and hopefully you can sprinkle your teaching magic with me too!

Here is a photo journey of me!  

Let's Start With Mini Me!  This is a wee little She, and this pic pretty much sums me up, perfectly.  Minnie Mouse loving, 80's crimped- hair rocking, ready- for- school- going kid.  The only thing missing from this picture is something Little Mermaid.  I was obsessed with everything and anything from Disney's Little Mermaid... I still kinda am (shhhhhhh!)  

Here I am teaching my stuffed animals.  I went through a brief stint in college where I refused to admit I was meant to be a teacher.  I even dabbled in the major Speech Communication and thought I would go the Human Resources rout.  Teaching was in my blood and genetics.  My second year of college I couldn't fight the urge anymore and switched in to the credentialing program at Cal Poly in beautiful San Luis Obispo!  The rest is history.  

What I LOVE!

My mom! I also love that I  finished my masters in administration program.  Phew!  Can you tell by the smile that takes over my face in this picture that I am so glad my masters program is OVER!

My Man.  In this blog I refer to him as Mr. Winemaker.  I love him and adore him with all my heart.  I am thankful he gave me the push and encouragement to start this blog.  

California!  Born and raised!

My HUGE Oregon family!  I love this picture because we are standing in front of my grandparent's house.  This was the house I visited every summer.  I miss both of my grandparent's dearly.

My grandma's hands.  My most favorite picture I have ever taken.   She raised 7 children and loved 16 grandchildren with the sweetest most caring love.  

My childhood friends.  I have known two of these ladies since FIRST GRADE!  

My cat LuLu.  She sits and keeps me company for every blog post that goes up on this blog.  Before I post I make sure it has her paw of approval!  Oh and she is very sassy!

Teaching and every super hero student I have ever had!

Friends and random silly photo shoots!  My girls are good sports because with me there is always a wild rumpus photo shoot to be had.  

Weekend wine tasting.  Kick back, relax with friends, picnic lunch...my ultimate teacher relaxation day!

The beach.  This pic is with my soul sister Cassandra.  I am an only child and my close girlfriends give me the best sisterly love.  Cassandra is an SDC teacher.  She amazes me with her patience and calming spirit.  I learn so much from my teacher friends! 

Dabbling in photography! 

Searching for balance and continuous self improvement and self reflection!

Supporting teachers.  

What else do I love????


  1. I loved learning more about you and your favourites as a person.
    Thank you for sharing.Will keep reading your blog.

    Enjoy Teaching English

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love yours--looove that pic of you teaching your stuffed animals!! I played school hours and hours at a time when I was a kid. :)

  3. Did you have this blog template designed or did you find it online? I really like the tabs, and I've been looking for one like this for a while.
    P.S- love your blog!

  4. You are literally the best ever! Thank you for inspiring me to start my own teacher blog as I look to begin teaching next school year :)

  5. Just stumbled across you on Instagram. Nice to see a local blogger. (I teach in Napa.) Go Niners!

    Surfing to Success

  6. I stumbled across you from Instagram too! I'm also a nor cal teacher blogger! Nice to stumble upon your blog!

    You AUT-a Know


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