Friday, December 12, 2014

Throw A Classroom Party The Easy and Fun Way

I may need an intervention.

The marathon of deliciously cheesy holiday movies on the Hallmark channel has started and I can't. stop. watching.

There is something so relaxing and heartwarming about a predictable Hallmark ho-ho-ho movie plot.  Something that makes even the busiest teacher forget all her worries.  

Have you seen 'Let It Snow' with Candice Cameron aka DJ Tanner from Full House?!?!?!  I have been waiting for this movie all year long.  Nothing can shake me out of my sugar plum fairy and egg-nogg daydream. 

Oh wait.  There is one thing that tugs at the back of all teacher's minds this time of year.

Cue the students running around hopped up on sugar. Watch out for the crumbs and sticky sparkling cider spilled all over your classroom floors.  Pack on the under eye concealer to cover up the late night classroom prep.  

You guessed it.  It's Classroom Holiday Party Time Of Year.  

Rather then let the chaos overwhelm you, let's take a different approach.  A simplified, calm, well planned, and happier approach. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing my Instagram buddy, Stefanie Khan, from @chicclassroomstyle Stefanie is not only a second grade teacher, but also a party planning extraordinaire.   She even writes for a party magazine.  

You will adore her upbeat and calming take on classroom holiday parties.  She shares her best kept tips. 


I want to know your view of classroom holiday parties.

Do you have any tips to help us out?  Tell us about how you throw parties in your classroom.  

Leave a comment below.  

Thank you for reading and watching this interview.  If you found it helpful, please share with your teacher friends.  Less classroom party chaos and more holiday teacher relaxation.  Count me in! 

Sending you teach happy, live happy, and be happy LOVE!



  1. Indeed, end of the year is the time of party and celebrations and everyone is in their high spirits of party planning. So thanks for sharing these helpful and unique party planning ideas here.


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