Friday, December 19, 2014

4 Tips To Enjoying Your Holiday Break From School

Better than the New Years Eve countdown.  Better than the 5-4-3-2-1 "you better do this or else" student countdown.  Better even than the blast off countdown.

The  'winter' 'holiday' 'Christmas' break countdown (whatever your school calls it) is arguably a teacher's favorite countdown of the year.  Ok, maybe the summer break countdown is tied for first.  

In the days leading up to break, teachers experience complete exhaustion and stress.  The only brain mode... plan, plan and do more planning.  The to-do list at home and school never ends.  

Holiday break daydreams are a nice escape from the classroom chaos.  Our minds wander off to images of gingerbread house decorating, cookie parties, caroling, getting caught up with grading, reading, exercise, and the potential for break fun. The list goes on and on until the inevitable question surfaces.... Wait. How am I possibly going to get all THIS done? 

We are the ultimate to-do list generators, planners, and givers.  This time of year puts us in one setting; GO! 

Stop! A problem exists.  Teachers go from controlling the classroom hullabaloo straight into controlling their life hullabaloo! 

Priority #1: A teacher's break from school is sacred.  Taking care of yourself now sets you up for success the rest of the school year. 

You deserve an amazing self-fulfilling break.  Time to get refreshed and energized.  This will be a no-regrets vacation; you will know you maximized your vacation time.

From me to you: Some no-fail tricks to experience the best break from school yet!

Now it's your turn.  Watch the quick video above and then comment below. Give us your tip or tips that you plan to take for a test drive over break.  Leaving a comment means taking a step towards a teach happy, live happy and be happy lifestyle! (Also tell me when your break starts!)

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  1. Part of my "joy" will be to spend time with people that bring me joy, like a friend with whom I need to catch up with, or my two teacher besties. The teacher besties always bring lots of joy because we know how precious this time is and we can enjoy it together.

  2. These tips are amazing, thank you so much for sharing. To be honest I never get tired from teaching but it leaves me little time to spend with my dear ones. So these days are the best to spend with friend and family. Moreover, after a few months we have so much to share. Back in college I even used assistance of essays writers online cheap to hang out with them. I really hope none of my students will learn about it, ha-ha. Anyway, hope you are enjoying holidays, cheers! Ann


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