Friday, October 3, 2014

Behind The SLANT BOX Scenes and Math Talk With Jameson from Lessons With Coffee: Radio Episode #06

She is quirky, authentic, has great fashion sense and she tells it like it is.  Enter Jameson from the blog Lessons With Coffee.  I was lucky enough to interview Jameson for the latest Sheila Jane Teaching radio show.

I never thought I would talk to a teacher that made teaching middle school math sound fun to teach.

 It was in middle school that Jameson received the help she needed to succeed with math.  Her special teacher in middle school used colors, graphing paper, and praised the small things to help Jameson line up numbers, and the colors helped Jameson to emphasize the steps in the algorithm.

Jameson is naturally sensitive to the needs of the struggling math students.  Fortunately she was open to teaching math when offered the assignment.  NOW she shares her special ways to meet the needs of all math students. Jameson stresses the importance of giving students choice when solving problems.  She advocates note taking, interactive notebooks, test taking strategies, visiting teachers and checking out teacher blogs; those who teach grades below and grades above.

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Jameson is also sensitive to the needs of new teachers, teachers who feel isolated and alone.

Her first year of teaching she decided to reach out to a mom's group that did exchange boxes.  She built a friendship with another person and liked the experience, so soon Jameson created SLANT boxes for teachers.

You may feel alone and not getting the TLC you need in your department, grade level, or school district.  Don't fret; Jameson assures us the SLANT box could serve you well.  400+ teachers have connected through her system.  She pairs up two teachers, provides a monthly theme, and next thing you know you have a teacher who appreciates you, and you are so happy to have a teacher friend who wants to understand your teaching context.  All parties benefit.

Jameson is Amazing; Listen to the Interview ---- teaching strategies, teacher out reach and best of all teacher match maker!!!!

I want to hear from you!  Do you belong to any monthly subscription box services?  Which ones?  I can't wait to read your comments.

Thank you for listening to the show.

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  1. This was soooooo Stinking fun! I am so happy that I got to be a part of this!

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