Friday, September 12, 2014

When Your Arm Doesn't Reach That Far: Photo Booth 101

Position the cell phone.  Snap a pic. I can take a better picture than that.

Reposition the cell phone. 10 more not quite right pictures. Ugh.  My arm is tired.  If only my arm could reach farther!

Now, will my finger be able to press the photo button without the phone falling?

Selfies are a lot of work for a very doctored "natural" photo.

We all deserve a candid photo showcasing our most photogenic self.  

A few years ago, at my cousin's wedding, I was introduced to the wedding 'photo booth' craze.

There were a variety of props, outfits, and signs to choose from.

No picture pressure. Everyone dressed up and looked rediculous.  My cheeks hurt from laughing.

I was hooked.

When these pictures surfaced on Facebook, my first reaction was to shield my eyes.  Surely, I showed too much teeth and looked a hot mess.

The pictures were amazing.  Hello, new Facebook profile picture! The camera had captured my authentic personality.

Photo Booth pictures work.

How could I use the photo booth idea in my classroom?

The first week of school I was the fun and cool teacher.  I had my photo booth bin and makeshift fabric background and the students ate it up.

The photo booth bin is now my beginning of the school year ice breaker activity. Student personalities shine through, we laugh a lot, and I get compliments on the photos year round.

In today's Teach Happy Friday Fun episode I help bring photo booth magic to your classroom.

Get ready to see your students in a whole new light!

Watch The Video Below! 


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Fall is just around the corner.

What is your favorite fall food?

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Remember to Teach Happy * Live Happy * Be Happy!


Sheila Jane

P.S. Stay tuned next Friday 9/19. I have a special 'Teachers We Love' interview with Angie Olson from Lucky Little Learners.  She is going to teach you the ins and out of Interactive Notebooks.  You don't want to miss it!


  1. My favorite fall food is chilli or taco soup. Can't wait!

    1. Ohhhhhhhh taco soup. I make the one from Paula Dean in the crock pot! Have you tried her recipe? It is perfect fall comfort food.

    2. No I haven't. I guess we just follow our own "recipe". I'm using that word lightly, because we pretty much just throw stuff in the crockpot, lol.

  2. My favorite fall food is pumpkin pie. I mean, who ISN'T a fan of that? Especially around thanksgiving. Ours is next month. I can't wait!!!

    1. Thank you for commenting Krista! Great to see you on the blog. Yummmmmm pumpkin pie. Each year we make it from scratch. No canned pumpkin we use the real deal. Delicious. So if your Thanksgiving is next month are you in Canada?

  3. Oh my goodness. Seriously, you are so full of great energy! Your classroom must be such a fun, safe, and goofy place to learn! As for my favorite fall apple cider and apple crisp are my faves!


Sheila Chako
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