Friday, September 26, 2014

breathe. Reboot. CELEBRATE! September Vlog and FREEBIE!

Do you ever need to reboot?

When the weather stays at a constant state of hot and sticky, month after month, it is hard to reboot.  When the Back To School overwhelm sets in and everyone wishes they had more summer there is no time for rebooting.

I see the signs of fall.  It is creeping in.  The grape harvest has started for Mr. Winemaker.    If I really listen carefully the wind rustles the leaves whispering... Reboot, Sheila.  Time to reboot.

I listen.  This is my favorite time of year.

Summer is blindingly bright.  I love the transition.  Fall is watercolors.  Rich and earthy.  Yummy smells.  The anticipation of the holidays coming is everywhere.  Snuggling under a blanket.  Lighting candles. I am ready for everything fall offers.

Last weekend I pulled out my large, orange Halloween bin from the garage.   We recently moved in to a new house.  I enjoyed the challenge of finding new places for my special spooky decor.

My pumpkin candle is lit, and candy corn is at the ready.  Rebooting in progress.

The Sheila Jane Teaching YouTube channel is getting a reboot as well.

Each week I post free teaching content----  Radio shows---- Teachers We Love videos----  Free content just for you.

Teach Happy. Live Happy. Be Happy. is integral to the Sheila Jane teaching philosophy.  Most videos on my channel focus on Teaching Happy.

To live and be happy is just as important as teaching happy.  The last Friday of each month will be a celebration of teacher life balance.  I will vlog (think video meets blogging) my interests like  makeup, decor, adventures, cooking.  I am bursting at the seams to let you into my home, my life and share some of my passions.


In addition to the vlog, there will always be a end of the month freebie surprise waiting for you. A treat to celebrate the end of a successful month of teaching.  This month's freebie is 'The Classroom Guestbook.'  Watch the video to see the freebie in action.

After you have watched the video, I would love to know what is your favorite Halloween candy?

Leave me a comment below.  Like a kid anticipating a pillow case full of Halloween candy I look forward to reading and replying to the comment treats you leave for me.

I hope as the season changes from summer to fall you get a chance to reflect and reboot.  Take care of yourself and pamper yourself.  You made it through Back To School, and you deserve to unwind a bit.  Reconnect with your passions.  Get out in nature.  Put the school work down.  It will be there tomorrow.  Your happiness is top priority.

Breathe and reboot.

Love and happiness,


  1. reese's peanut butter pumpkins!! So good!

    1. That's a good one. I wonder what peanut butter flavored with pumpkin would taste like???

  2. I love all the bite size stuff like snickers, milky ways, reese cups, and we can't forget the tiny boxes of nerds!
    I haven't seen the caramel apple milky ways. I would love to try those!

    1. See, I have never been much of a nerds person. It is funny how everyone has their differnet candy choices. Some people are all chocolate. Some people like hard candy. Others like nuts in their candy.

    2. I am very much a chocolate lover no doubt, but I do like some skittles, nerds, or air heads every now and then.

  3. I just came across your blog today and absolutely LOVE it! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

    1. Thank you! I love that you commented! I hope to see you int he comments soon.

  4. I loved your video. I have never tried any of these Halloween lollies - I don't even think they are available where I live. Halloween seems to be gaining momentum here, so maybe we will have some of these treats in the shops sometime soon.

    1. Hi Marie! Thank you for watching my video and leaving such a nice comment. Where do you live? Halloween is really big in the United States. I hope to see you in the comments soon!


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