Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Date With Ryan Gosling and Go Noodle- Episode #03 With Kristen from Easy Teaching Tools

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After a long day he always has the right things to say.

He notices when I rearrange my student's seats and separate the talkers.  He thinks it's cute when I have dry erase marker on my fingers.

Ryan Gosling.

Where did I find such an amazingly supportive actor who understands the ins and outs of my teaching career?  Thank you, Kristin Walker, from Easy Teaching Tools.  

Ok, maybe Kristin did not introduce me personally to Ryan, but she does occasionally share the best "Hey Girl" pictures on her Instagram feed.

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Hey Girl, Teaching is hard. Everything is going to be OK. Love, Ryan Gosling @teachhappynow http://ctt.ec/F8qy7+

Finding Kristin through the Instagram teaching community was my lucky day.  Her interesting posts always have take aways.

Kristin brings not only humor, but she also offers teaching stories and expertise over on her blog.  Plus she has many successful products on Teachers Pay Teachers.

In today's podcast Kristin discusses many useful teaching tips that are just in time for summer!

"Go Noodle" is taking the teaching community by storm.  Is it worth the hype?  Do students really respond well to "Go Noodle" as a classroom management tool?  Should you take the time this summer to prepare "Go Noodle" for next school year?

Kristin piloted "Go Noodle" this last year and gives us the 411.

She also shares her best kept secrets to running a successful Word Study program.

And the topic teachers dread this time of year--- interviewing for a teaching position.  Kristin shares the interview tips that just may land you the job.

Summer is a teacher's time for rest and relaxation.  

Why not kick back and let Kristin take the guess work out of these hot teaching topics. 

With Kristen's help you could have something easily prepped and ready before the school year even starts.  Win! 

After listening to the podcast, Kristen and I want to hear from YOU. 
Share a teaching interview memory.  Funny, scary tidbits or a question you were asked.  Let us know!  We want to hear your interview story in the comments below.   

The Sheila Jane Teaching Community of teachers are kind and creative.  Your voice and participation is important.  Who knows your comment could be just what another teacher needs to hear.  

Please share this podcast with your teacher friends and colleagues who could benefit from Kristen's info.  

With love,
Sheila Jane 

Interview Links:
Word Study

http://www.amazon.com/Word-Journeys-Assessment-Guided-Vocabulary-Instruction/dp/1572305592 This is the book Kristen uses for Word Study. She has created power points to go with each sort. Keep your eyes peeled this week because she will be bundling and posting on TpT.

Go Noodle

Teacher Interviews
Combo Class