Thursday, May 22, 2014

No More Late Nights and Work Weekends Get Organized with C.Jayne Teach

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

You strive to have an impact on students using every instructional minute.  You wonder, are my reading groups running efficiently?  You spend hours browsing Teacher Pay Teacher and Pinterest in hopes of finding the perfect craft, organization idea, or piece of curriculum that will make life easier and make learning come alive for students.  The more you browse, the more the ideas start piling up. Overwhelm and perfectionism sets in.  How will I prep it all? How will I fit it all in? The classroom quickly starts sucking up all your time. 

Even after close to 10 years of classroom teaching, I still struggle with this challenge to balance my work time and personal time.  

In my first years of teaching, my administrator handed me my personal walkie talkie.  I was that newbie teacher staying at school until 11:00 pm working in my classroom.  He felt the walkie talkie ensured safety. He said to contact the night janitor if I needed help.  Pathetic!  Roger That! Sometimes the janitor would leave before me.  Every minute of my time was consumed with school.  I was desperate for a teacher intervention.   

If your desire is classroom success, organization, and a balanced personal  life, then this SheilaJane Teaching episode is for you.  Chandra from C.Jayne Teach offers her field tested organization ideas and tools.   Chandra shares with you how she makes time for her adorable family, business (a teacher entrepreneur), and teaching.  

Did this quote that Chandra shared in the episode speak to you?
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In Chandra's episode of "Teachers We Love", she mentions the "Happy List" idea.  She keeps a Happy List in her Teacher Anchor binder (a must see!), on her desk for easy access.  When life and work becomes overwhelming, Chandra looks at her Happy List and completes one of the items to boost her spirits.  Works like a charm! These Chandra's teaching secrets will save us.

Chandra and I want to know your Happy List.  Please share your list in the "comments section" below.  Your happy list will help other teachers by boosting spirits and making  life a bit easier.  

Thank you for reading, watching, and participating in the juicy teacher talk discussion.

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  1. Oh my... this post could be the very life-changer that I have been searching for. I, sadly, only treat myself to phenomenal blogs, as this one, on the weekends (teaching, 3 kids, & a hubby)! I'm so grateful that I spoiled myself with this one!

    Sheila, your questions were precise and asked everything that inquiry minds want to know! Such an awesome and positive interview.

    Chandra, your background is very similar to mine. Having moved into different classrooms for over 18 years, I've never really quite "anchored" myself and constantly find myself reinventing the wheel. I have always wanted to be that teacher that has the "fresh ideas" and offer fun-filled adventures for my class... every day! Ugh! It makes for one exhausted and sometimes aimless teacher. However, your pep-talks, products, and advice are inspiring and really quite extraordinary! I can't wait to finally become anchored. Because after all, I deserve this, right?!

    Mad love and appreciation for the BOTH of you!

    Peace and Love,
    Janice D.
    IG: @1islandlover :)

  2. Sheila...this is amazing!! Chandra is such an inspiration to teachers her to pieces! xoxoxo

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