Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Sprinkles Weekly Link-Up: Brain Pop, Color-Coded Math, and Water Bottle Wind Turbines!

Welcome to another installment of Saturday Sprinkles!  I am loving this Linky even if, for now, just my friendliest friend (you know who you are) is my biggest supporter and fan!  

Saturday Sprinkles is a chance to reflect back on the learning that took place during the week.  Nothing fancy or time consuming,  just snap some pictures on your phone during the week, and then post with little caption sprinkles.   The Link Up information is found below.  

On Tuesdays my class goes to the computer lab.  This week we launched our water unit in science.  Before each unit, I plan out which Brain Pop videos will be perfect to reinforce the concepts taught in class.  My students are captivated by Moby and Tim and will laugh out loud while watching their antics  (psssssttttt I even go on Brain Pop to watch videos and brush up on concepts I may be a bit rusty on--  shhhhhhhhh).

  My school's curriculum is very programmed and we must stay on track with one math chapter each week with testing on Fridays.  With such a fast-paced curriculum I want to make sure my struggling math students are supported while highly-proficient math students are challenged.   Plus, many of my fifth graders have no concept of how to study for a math test.  Such is a key skill I want to instill in them before they head to middle school.  My solution involves a green, yellow, and red color-coded system.  Students complete the pre-test in class with their table group.  I stand by to observe and jump in as needed.  After each problem students must reflect on their work.  Did the problem come easily?  Green dot.  Did they ask their table group questions, or have to re-read the directions multiple times?  Yellow.  Were they stumped?  No amount of re-reading, peer-assistance, or blind guesses landed them at a possible answer. Red.  We review the answers in class.  Students who have yellow and red dots ask questions.  Students with green dots teach.  The class runs itself.  We discuss how the color -coded system will help them review and indicate target areas to study. This system has changed independent math learning and reflection for my students!  Test scores have gone up!  

Watch the little clip below to see them in action!


I look forward to getting to know you and your classroom sprinkles!  

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