Friday, January 3, 2014

Saturday Sprinkles Linky

This is the last official weekend before my winter break comes to an end.  NOOOOOOOO!  I will miss my cozy home, Christmas tree, going to the bathroom when I want, and eating lunch after 1:00 just to be a rebel and just because I CAN! Soon it will be back on the bell schedule.  

The rush before winter break put my teaching blog on pause and now, as I type this Saturday Sprinkle post, my school spirit is slowly coming back.  

After a month and a half of preparation, Colonial Day finally arrived on December 20th.  Students dressed in traditional colonial costumes--mustaches and all.  Props were assembled and backdrops hung with care.  Some students took on British accents while others enjoyed asking classmates questions and watching demonstrations.  Enjoy these Colonial Day Photo Sprinkles that will give you a flavor for our day.

The best part?  My students took over and I had the opportunity to observe.  Each student was an expert on their trade.  They were curious about their classmates' trades.  Questions were flying, and what I like to call "organic learning" was taking place.  When the learning that happens in the moment involves exploration, simulation, vocabulary, and joy, all students thrive!

If you would like to share any sprinkles taking place in or out of your classroom, link up!


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