Friday, January 24, 2014

Saturday Sprinkles: American Revolution Claymation

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No school on Monday and a field trip Wednesday made the week fly by in a blur.  The hi-light of the week had to be our field trip to the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco.  The logistics of six parent chaperones driving students over an hour to San Francisco makes me briefly question going on the trip.  Now add to that a parent driver canceling the night before, one canceling the morning of the field trip, an accident in Marin and you have yourself one frazzled teacher.   Once we arrived at the Creativity Museum (an hour and a half late), I remembered how fantastic this field trip is for the kids and I let out a relieved sigh.

Two weeks before the field trip, we launched in to the American Revolution.  Students were split in seven groups and each group researched one of the following topics: the French and Indian War, Battle of Bunker Hill, Paul Revere, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Battle of Yorktown, and the Winter at Vally Forge.  Groups created a storyboard depicting their historical person or event.  Class time was spent reviewing historical facts for accuracy, creating clay characters, illustrating a backdrop, and prepping for movie-making. On field trip day, the storyboard came to life in an animated claymation movie.

The Children's Creativity Museum has camera equipment for each group and software to do stop-motion animation.  Check out the videos below and see our creations!  (Sorry, the movies are quick and probably confusing.)  On Friday we had a popcorn party and movie showing!  Students explained the symbolism behind each blob and clay figure.

video    video

video    video

video    video


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