Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Healthy Teacher: Sunday Meal Prep and Banana Cookies

This weekend I was productivity central.   Getting out in the sunshine, making time for exercise, and meal prep for the week were top priorities.  Mr. Winemaker and I hiked a new trail that had me huffing and puffing.  A steep incline with gravel made had me almost turning around and call it a day.  Mr. Winemaker is very supportive and encouraged me to keep my eyes on the top-of-the-hill prize.  I am so glad I stuck it out!  When we reached the top a bench awaited us overlooking the entire valley.  We sat in silence and soaked in the sun and quiet.   The trek down was quite treacherous.  Mr. Winemaker held my hand as I cautiously took shuffle steps the long haul down.  Just call me slow-moving Safety Sally.  

My goal for Sunday was to set aside time for meal prep.  I had no idea my grand visions of prepared meals would turn into a 4-hour production.  I went in to cooking beast-mode.  Vegetable lasagna was first up.

As I became more and more tasmanian devil-like with pots and pans and mess piling up, my dear cat Ada slept her day away.  She is the cutest companion and loves her window box.  

Below are two of my current healthy snack cravings.  

After the vegetable lasagna I made Gallo Pinto.  I became hooked on Gallo Pinto while in Costa Rica.  In the mornings before school I constantly run out of time for breakfast.  Gallo Pinto was the perfect solution to early-morning frenzy.  I made up a huge batch and will reheat small portions in the morning.  Delicious and easy as can be.  The protein from the beans will keep my energy level high at school and the brown rice is a healthy rice-alternative.  

My last cooking extravaganza was no-fuss banana cookies.  4 mashed up bananas, 4 cups oats, dark chocolate chips, chopped up walnuts and viola!  Stick them in the oven at 350F for 12 minutes.  My craving for Oreos is at an all-time high.  I am hoping these healthy cookies take my mind off the evil alternative.  

 Meal prep on Sunday was a huge success.  The dishes stacked in the sink is quite overwhelming but I am grateful Mr. Winemaker is such a big help.  I am starting to realize that half the journey to a healthy life is preparation.   I am looking forward to next Sunday and my healthy culinary adventures.  Stay tuned next week for another installment of Happy Healthy Teacher!


  1. Hi Sheila,
    Stacey and i attended the kinder conference this weekend. As we talked prior to the keynote, your name came up (with LOTS of love). Then later that day I ran into your mom. What?!? Very surprising since I had just been talking about you, but a very pleasant surprise! Sending lots of love your way! Camille

    1. Camille! So great hearing from you. I love the kindergarten conference! How fun to go with Stacey. Please tell her hi and Kristi! You both were so good to me and I was lucky to have such kind and friendly teaching partners even if I was there so briefly (it was hard to go). What a small world to run in to my mom! You were sending out good Sheila energy and then the universe connected you with my mom. Love it! I hope you are doing well.


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