Sunday, September 15, 2013

How To Get Ready Before You Head Out To Teach!

A key part of being totally present for my students starts a few hours before the students arrive in the classroom.  I have a “before school routine” that helps start the day on a positive note. I wake early enough to make time for breakfast, which is sooo important.  Starting your day with some protein is a must.  My standby breakfast is centered around eggs/egg.  Somedays I opt for an egg white omelet, other days I will have a soft boiled egg.  An egg is just enough protein to keep me going until mid morning or longer.  To have that extra time for breakfast, I often lay out my clothes the night before.  There are several default outfits that I rotate through the weeks because they are so comfortable. 

When I grab my clothes in the morning, I am looking for comfort; so my clothes are often soft knits, pants with stretch, and light weight sweaters.  Recently, I am shifting toward a scarf for added pizzaz to any outfit or a chunky necklace. A colorful infinity scarf can be used with many outfits. I always look forward to fall, so I can wear my boots with jeggings.  

For a couple of years I did not set aside time for putting on make up, but that has completely changed.  Now my make up routine has become a critical piece of my morning routine because I feel I am putting on my happy, pop of color, alive and energetic teacher face.  I don’t stop at my face.  Over the years I have my favorite go to hair styles that change up my look.  I have fine, thin hair, so I know how to compensate; maybe I’ll use a doughnut shaped form that creates an instant teacher bun (so professional), an alligator clip, a spunky low or high pony tail to keep the hair away from my face.  

Give your morning routine ample amount of time.   Leaving photo copying and science lab prep for the hour before school starts is a bad idea.   Many unexpected, critical must dos erupt in the morning after arriving at school, a parent conference that was not planned, a teacher rushing in with an emergency, and more.  So doing the copying the day before is the smarter way to ensure sanity and ensure lesson plan readiness.  Because I have a 35+ minute commute, I have time to contemplate what I am going to do as soon as my car lands in the parking lot. I am ready to have a great day with my 25 wonderful 5th graders!!!!

How do you get ready in the morning?  What are your tips?  I always need new ideas and love hearing from you!  


  1. Ugh. I am so bad about doing my copies the day before. I really do need to start doing that more consistently. Our 2 machines at my school (one that is brand new this year) are notorious for breaking every single morning.

    People (teachers and nonteachers) think I am a crazy person, because it takes me so long to get ready in the morning. But I eat breakfast every morning, sit at my computer and check-in to my guilty pleasures, do a full face of makeup (way more than you even), do my hair, skin care, shower, and all that good stuff. I'm a 1.5 hour person every single morning. It can be up to 2 even, if it's a hair washing morning. Yep, I'm crazy!

  2. I take a long time to get ready but it makes my day less stressful because it didn't start in a rush!


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