Friday, August 2, 2013

Currently and What's In My Teacher Bag!

Happy TGGIF! (Thank Goodness Gracious It's FRIDAY) teacher friends!  I have a song playing on repeat in my head!  

If every word I said
Could make you laugh
I'd talk forever
I asked the sky just what we had
It showed forever
(together my love)
If the song I sing to you
Could fill your heart with joy
I'd sing forever
(together my love)

Forever, forever
I've been so happy loving you

Name this tune and leave me a comment.  

I have been hard at work putting together my teacher bag.  This is a must do before school starts and I think I have all my necessities. Check out my video below to see what's in my teacher bag stash!  

Ok seriously how cute is Mr. Winemaker as a 5th grader!?!?!  His dad sent this picture.  LOVING the hair cut.

Harvest season is just around the corner.  During my busiest time of year (heading back to school) Mr. Winemaker is in the throws of harvest.  Students don't wait and neither do grapes.  Thank you winemakers for keeping teachers well stocked and happy! 

 I love this man so much. 

Flavored water is all the rage here in the wine country.  I took this picture so I could copycat the concoction at home.  Strawberries, mint, lemon... yes please!

 I could eat salmon all day every day in the summer! 


  1. The song is called "Forever." It's a Beach Boys song although others have sung it as well. :-)

    Winemaking must be a very precise profession! It sounds fascinating!


    1. By the way.....your video is AWESOME!!!! Loved every single second! Thanks for all the tips! :o)

  2. I remember listening to John Stamos sing that song with the Beach Boys as well :)

  3. Sheila,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a kind, sincere comment. I had to come and visit you too! I watched your video from beginning to end and I have to tell you...I LOVE YOU! YOU are so freakin adorable! You just put it out there, and I wish that you lived closer, because I would love to teach at the same school as you. You have such a positive GLOW to you girl! Your students are very very lucky to have such a wonderful woman as their teacher. I hope everyone in your life is infected by your positive just leaps out of your video.
    Your little crock pot made me smile...just the type of thing I would say and do. I am your newest follower and will be back to visit again soon!

  4. That salmon looks YUMMY! I am so excited to get my new EC Teacher Planner in the mail this week. Unfortunately there is probably a lot of junk in my teacher bag right now. I don't think I've cleaned it out yet. Maybe time for a new one! lol :)

  5. I've been over to the timbuk2 site just because of your video, and they do have some really lovely bags. However, I'd love to know if you're still enjoying the messenger bag now that you have it set up and have been using it. Is it comfortable to wear once fully packed? Does it carry all the necessary teacher stuff without any problems (no sliding folders, no bending binders, enough room, etc...). Any pics of the bag in use would be awesome too.


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