Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kindergarten Teamwork

After a fun field trip to the farm, lots of farm stories and songs, exposure to farm vocabulary with a special farm read the room,  and MUCH more my kindy cuties were ready for a farm challenge.  Today they worked in teams to create farm animal posters.  Students had to take turns drawing and outlining their farm animal.  The sheep group worked together to glue on cotton balls.  The cow group worked together to trace hand print cow spots.  The chicken group cut out eggs.  The pig group used paint and fingers to make a very muddy pig!  Next, students labeled parts of the farm animal and traced words in marker.  Finally, each child wrote a one sentence fact.  When the poster was complete team members proudly signed their name and gave hi-fives!  I was lucky and had one parent facilitate each group.   I walked around coaching students on team work skills (taking turns, using words to solve problems, cooperating, brainstorming, giving each other praise and compliments etc)  Each group is now an expert on their specific farm animal and will teach facts to classmates.  Classmates will fill in the Down On  The Farm graphic organizer with the facts they learn. (The graphic organizer can be found in my Farm Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook

In progress...

The final product!!!!  

I had no idea that pigs go CRAZY for apples!  There is always something new to learn in kinder!


  1. Totally adorable! Will you share these with our team tomorrow? PLEASE!!!
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    1. Thank you! Just checked out your blog. Love the sight word freebie you have... Oh, and I had my first experience at Dunkin' Donuts over Christmas break when I visited my boyfriends family in New Jersey. Delicious!

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