Monday, April 23, 2012

Drum Roll Please... We Have A Winner!!!!!

Your $50 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card will be waiting in your inbox later tonight!  

Here is a photo tour of some recent kindergarten happenings:   

We finished our silly Mother's Day Flip Books.  Students gathered on the carpet to share their silly mom faces with classmates.  Lots of laughter was had by all!  There were alien mom faces, scuba diver faces, queen bee faces and much more! Shenanigans I tell ya! ABSOLUTE kindy cutie shenanigans!  


Let The Flipping Of Pages Begin!!!

Click HERE if you would like to check out my Mother's Day Unit in my TPT store. 

We also kicked off our Community Unit!  Let me start by saying I have a very large collection of Happy Meal Toys (debating whether to elaborate....slightly embarrassed).  When I was little my mom and I used to collect these toys at GARAGE SALES.  I felt the need to capitalize garage sales to make sure you did not picture a childhood where all I consumed was Happy Meals.   GROSS!  These toys really come in very handy during the Community Unit.  Students build a community outside on the blacktop.  We use chalk for roads and Happy Meal Toys for community members, cars, trains, and places.  

Our Farm

Every community needs a ZOO!

Big community planning going on here!  We had an airport, Disneyland, lake, jail (students sent Cruella De Vil to jail), school, train and much more! 

Reading Comprehension Strategies
Throughout the year I introduce students to Beanie Baby Reading Comprehension Strategies.  Last week students made a Top Secret reading strategy pop up file with some of our favorite strategies!

The Questioning Owl helps us remember to ask key questions while we are reading. Spinny Spider reminds us to make connections from text to self. Eagle Eye reminds us to look at the pictures for clues if we are stuck on a word. Fishy Lips reminds us to get our lips ready to sound out a word.  Stretchy Snake reminds us to stretch words out slowly! 

Happy Belated Earth Day Teacher Friends!!!!

Do these come in my size????

 All I crave recently is frozen yogurt!  My new favorite flavor is Red Velvet.  Ohhhh goodness me it is delicious! Girls night frozen yogurt outing last week! 

This weekend Mr. Wine Maker and I played around on my new computer!  We are ridiculously silly and spent an embarrassing amount of time taking random pictures of ourselves!    

Happy Monday!!!  I hope this week brings you silliness, laughter, and kindy cutie giggles! 


  1. Congrats to the winner!
    Those mom projects are too funny!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1. Hahaha I know right? I would love to be a fly on the wall when the moms see the flip book for the first time! I don't have cuties of my own yet but I can only image how fun it is to see yourself through your child's eyes.



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