Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head!

It's raining it's pouring and THIS teacher wishes she was snuggled up in bed snoring!  Luckily, my kinders were not trapped inside ALL day and in between showers we snuck out to play.  Thank goodness!  Unfortunately, rain is in the forecast ALL week long!  Rainy day recess here we come!!!  In honor of a rainy week we completed a raindrop art and sentence writing activity.  

First, students cut out a large raindrop from blue construction paper.  Next, they used laminated yellow construction paper for the rain jacket.  We added details to the rain jacket with black sharpie.  Students drew their face on a square white piece of paper and glued it to the raincoat.  We left yellow around the face for a hood.  Scrapbook paper was used for rain boots and oil pastels to add details.  (you will soon discover that I LOVE OIL PASTELS and use them all the time!!!)

Students wrote sentences to go with their art.   These sentences had to include spaces between words, a capital at the beginning of each sentence, lower case letters throughout, and proper formation of the letters 'p', 'j', and 'y.'  Once sentences were complete, students used markers to trace each word in a rainbow pattern.  

Adorable!  I can't wait to hang these cheery raindrops up in our classroom window!

Yesterday I posted THIS FREEBIE!!!  

Be sure to check out my Teachers Notebook store and download a copy.  My students LOVED making the leprechaun viewfinders from this FREEBIE!!!!  Here are some tips:  I found green cellophane at the grocery store in the floral department of all places.  The florist sold me two yards for a dollar!  I would highly suggest running the viewfinders off on tagboard or heavy construction paper.  I copied mine on regular paper and then stapled green construction paper to the back for a bit more sturdiness.  Students cut out the viewfinder and construction paper at the same time.  A parent helper cut the cellophane in squares.  Then they stapled the white viewfinder on the front with the cellophane in between and green construction paper on the back.  Craft sticks were also stapled on the bottom!  We decorated viewfinders with stickers, glitter, foam shamrocks, and our own personal art work.  Leprechaun hysteria is in full swing!!!!  

How are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day in your classroom?  Will you celebrate with your students this Friday or next Monday?

If you are looking for some last minute St. Patrick's Day ideas see the items below and click the picture!  Both are available in my Teachers Notebook store.

St. Patrick's Day SIGHT WORD book.  Easy teacher prep... easy book assembly... great sight word practice for students!

Leprechaun direct draw that ties in rhyming and St. Patrick's day fun!  The poem was created by me!!!!  Yes, I am bias, but I think it is stinkin cute!  

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