Friday, March 23, 2012

Put Some Zing In Your Spring!

Happy Friday Friends!  I hope at some point later today you can kick up your feet and enjoy some relaxation time with maybe some vino???? and chocolate????  You know where my mind is at!  Anyways, today was a busy day in kinder!  We head to a farm field trip next week, so we loaded in our wagon dressed in overhauls for a fun day on the farm!

On Monday, I will start using the curriculum from A Bushel Of Farm Academic Fun (pictured below).  Starting day one, students will earn academic awards.  Each award is related to farm and has a picture and definition.  The hope is that students earn these for making good classroom choices, trade them like trading cards, and bring them home to show off to their parents.  I love the idea of earning knowledge instead of candy or toys etc!  I will also print out the vocabulary cards, so they are ready for the pocket chart and students can start reading the room looking for new farm vocabulary!  We will start singing The Farm Will Rock You, and Five Senses At The Farm.

We certainly put some zing in our spring today! We brainstormed words for spring.  We thought of bugs, flowers, gardens and all that blooms and buzzes in spring.  Using our spring book bin, students created a mural for our door!

Creativity thrives in chaos I am convinced.  The more paint, pens, scraps, mess... the more fun!

Viola!  This door is dressed up for Spring.  I can't wait to walk in each morning and be greeted with my student's spring art!

Up Close And Personal

I am a huge Patricia Polacco fan, and the story, Rechenka's Eggs  is one of my all time favorite children's books.  We read the story and painted our own eggs. Instead of doing the regular crayon 
water resist we did oil pastel water resists.  They turned out nice and bright.  See, I told you; I am oil pastel obsessed!

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