Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Multiple Intelligences

While preparing for conferences it hit me that I have not been incorporating the Multiple Intelligences in to my curriculum and daily instruction as much as I would like.  Time to pull out these bad boys (see below)!  I have these cards laminated and ready to use at a moments notice.  Before we start math, I flash the Logical Mathematical icon card and show students the pictures.  I briefly explain what Logical Mathematical means and then we go about our math business.  Students start picking the vocabulary up quickly.  Soon you will start a lesson and students will automatically use the Multiple Intelligence vocabulary.

I also LOVE the Multiple Intelligence labels!  I make tons of copies of these and have them at the ready to staple to anything and everything!  The labels have listed each Multiple Intelligence with check off boxes.  As I plan my units and daily lesson plans I will check off the boxes to make sure I am incorporating all intelligences.  In second grade I even stapled these labels to assignments and had my second graders check off the intelligences they planned to use to complete the assignment.  For my kinder conferences this year I am going to print a label for each student.  During conferences I will have a discussion with parents about Multiple Intelligences and their child.  As we discuss and brainstorm I will check off the boxes that we think their child excels at and discuss the intelligences not checked and how to foster those as well.

The Multiple Intelligence icon cards and labels work hand in hand.  Students become familiar with each icon card and then use the check off labels to assess themselves as to which intelligences they excel at more.  Even kinder cuties, if exposed to the icon cards enough, can let their teacher know their favorite intelligences!   What a great instant Multiple Intelligence assessment tool! I love everything about this especially because it is easy to prep and adaptable no matter the grade and no matter the time of year.  That's how I roll! Yeah buddy!

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  1. Sheila,
    I like this a lot! Can we talk about this during our next peer planning? This might be a great way for us to look at math and plan a lesson together (or even ...sigh ... Excel.)


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