Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Down On The Farm We Go!

Come rain or shine our kinder class was determined to visit the farm!!!  Thank goodness the skies didn't open up and pour until much later in the day.  Here is a photo journey of our day on the farm.  

I could have stayed petting the sheep and baby lambs all day.  My kinders had to drag me out.

Well hello there....watcha doin?  Yikes!  Look at that underbite.  

 CHICKEN BUTTS!!!!  Love it!

2 week old baby chickies. 

Psssssssttttt.....Hey...Hey you!  Brake me out of this place.  I got a hunkerin' to play some Keno and retire to Florida.

Such tiny stubby legs for such a big pig body.

And now fingers crossed I win the Mega Millions!

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