Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cutie Cupcake Freebie

Hip Hip Hooray For a Cutie Cupcake Freebie Unit!  Head straight to my Teachers Notebook Store to download your freebie and have cupcake fun with your cuties!

To start off the week we read the most adorable book Camilla the Cupcake Fairy.  The pictures are bright and vibrant.  The story is filled with student's favorite things: magic, wands, cupcakes, and friendship!  And yes, the boys in my class loved the story, just as much as the girls.  Reading comprehension continues to be a target area in my kinder class.  In particular story retelling and making connections from themselves to the story.  After we read the story as a class over the course of a few days, students completed a Cupcake Connections paper.  They had to connect to the story through their own experiences.  For example one student wrote--- I have a fairy wand just like Camilla the main character.  Another student remembered the time she had cupcakes for one of her birthday parties.  


Students also completed a story retelling wand.  Using quick sketches they mapped out the story in order.  Some write a P next to the box where the problem occurred in the story. 

Students partner up and share their papers.  This is a great opportunity for me to walk around and monitor comprehension, vocabulary, and general understanding.  I also can guide students in successful peer interactions like staying on task, keeping the conversation going, holding the paper so your partner can see etc. 

For more cupcake fun to go along with our story we made juicy cupcake sentences! 

We have been learning about sentences.  Students are not only working on correct punctuation, spacing, sounding out words etc, but students are also learning about complete "juicy" sentences; as I like to call them.  As a class we brainstormed adjectives that would go along with the noun cupcake.  We also brainstormed prepositional phrases.  I typed the list of brainstormed words and made cards. We placed the color coded cards in the correct place on the sentence building chart.  Students came up and used post-its placed next to the words they wanted to use for the song, and then to the tune of Farmer In The Dell, we sang our sentence.  

Yummy messy cupcakes
Yummy messy cupcakes
Yummy messy cupcakes in the kitchen!

We left the chart up through out the week so we could make some juicy sentences. 

These are the Sight Word Cupcakes! After students made their Sight word cupcake they used words from our sentence chart to write adjectives around their cupcake. 

The best part was going up to the chart and pulling favorite words down.

It is hard to read but one of my little cuties on the left was VERY proud of the sentence she created: I see my yummy cupcakes in the oven.  

 I have TONS of cute scrap book paper at my house. There was a time I thought I was going to be a scrapbooker.  Well, it was a good vision that never really came to pass.  Now I have all this cute paper to use for my kindy cuties art work.  Check out the scrumptious and colorful cupcakes we designed.  Students wrote sentences using our chart and then color coded the sentence to match adjective, noun, and prepositional phrase colors.  My cuties are so proud of their hard work that they can read and sing their sentences with pride! 

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  1. Very cute! Love the Farmer in the Dell tune to go with the lesson.

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