Monday, March 5, 2012

Classroom Photo Shoot

Photography is my fun, side hobby!   I bring my love for photography into my classroom whenever I can.  At the beginning of the year, I take fun shots of my students that are used through out the year.   Below you will see examples of my 'I Love Kindergarten' shots.  The background is a fun piece of fabric that I found on sale at the fabric store.  I tape the fabric to an outside wall of my classroom, and students pose in front of it.  I next frame the 5X7 photos to be placed on a bulletin board.  I found some fun and colorful frames at Ikea.  This bulletin board is displayed through out the year, and I think of it as our classroom family photo wall.

After the 'I Love Kindergarten' photo shoot,  I bring out my fun treasure box of props.  My props include: star glasses, clown noses, Disney hats, feather boas, and much more that I have collected over the years.  Students love choosing the props and putting their own outfits together.  There is so much laughter during this photo shoot.  I get the photos developed ASAP; students are so excited to see these fun photos.  The photos are displayed on our classroom door for everyone’s enjoyment.  These silly pictures put a smile on faces, when entering the classroom.  This display instantly lightens the mood and reminds me, as well as anyone who enters that our classroom, this classroom is a fun zone where learning takes place, and we also love to be GOOFY!

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