Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cereal Box Book Bin and Environmental Print Books on a rainy day

Today was a cozy, rainy day in our kindergarten class.  I have been assessing students non stop, trying to get ready for conferences, so I gave my kindy cuties a little extra quiet reading time.  Students may choose books from our classroom library, but often students head to their cubbies and pull out their Cereal Box Book Bin.  Inside the Cereal Box Book Bin, students keep books they made through out the year, including the Environmental Print Book.  Students made the Cereal Box Book Bin and also an Environmental Print Book in September as a home assignment.  Both the bin and the book remain a huge hit with the students, even in March!  Students sit side by side to flip through each other's books.  The Environmental Print Books are getting so much love we must perform"book surgeries"to  ensure that books are in prime reading condition.   At the end of the year, the bins go home with a year's collection of favorite student made books.  Note: both bin making and book making are suitable for in class activities.  Whether you are a teacher or a mom at home looking for a raining day activity for your kids, try the Cereal Box Book Bin and Environmental Print Book, a perfect, sure-to-please activity!

Check out my teacher pay teacher or teacher notebook store to get FREEBIE directions for the cereal box project.  I have also posted the environmental print directions as well!  Directions also come with color photos of final products!

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